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When aspiring young reporter Jack Kellogg seeks to report the truth about murder and rape, his headstrong investigation leads him into unexpected peril.



Small town Benteen, Montana in 1959 seems a peaceful community, nestled under tall cottonwood trees in the broad Yellowstone River valley of southeastern Montana. But when a deputy sheriff kills an unarmed Indian on Main Street, Jack seeks to discover the reason why. Diverted from his reporting by a prejudiced sheriff working with a scheming county commissioner, he next attempts to write the story of a little Mexican girl killed by a suspicious fall off a painter’s scaffolding. His newspaper editor shuts him down on that story as well. His plan to circumvent the official blockage by exposing the conspiracy in a public meeting ends with him arrested and in the sheriff’s jail.

Jack must decide how to cope with his experience and move on in his life.

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“There are many reasons why novelists write, but they all have one thing in common – a need to create an alternative world.” – John Fowles